Enhancing Cultural Competence

Over the last month, cultural competence has been a prominent topic discussed at both SickKids and Mount Sinai. Embraced by Canada’s multicultural constitution, this concept holds immense importance in facilitating effective communication with patients, families, and colleagues alike. Lectures have shed light on the influence of departmental-dependent cultures within various hospital settings and emphasized the need to understand our own biases, attitudes, and assumptions to enhance our cultural competence.

By continuously striving to develop our cultural competence, we can create a more inclusive and empathetic healthcare environment. By valuing diversity and understanding the unique perspectives of those we serve and work with, we foster a stronger sense of community and collaboration. Hopefully I can carry these insights forward, applying them in my daily interactions, and contribute to a healthcare system that embraces and celebrates differences, ultimately leading to better patient outcomes and improved overall well-being.

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