Andrey Piatnitski


Research areas:

  • Homogenization of partial differential operators and integral functionals
  • Asymptotic analysis and averaging of partial differential
    equations and diffusion processes.
  • Singularly perturbed operators.
  • Random operators.   Stochastic partial differential equations.
  • Problems in domains with microscopic geometry
  • Convolution type non-local operators. Qualitative and asymptotic properties.
  • Random walks in random environments
  • Mathematical Physics

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Address:  the Arctic University of Norway, Campus in Narvik,  P.O.
Box 385, N-8505 Narvik,
Norway.Phone:  +47 76 96 61 27
Institute for Information Transmission Problems RAS, Bolshoi Karetnyi, 19. Moscow, 127051,
Phone: +7 (495) 650-42-25