A fresh look at Categories and Extended Projections

The readings for my 2017 LOT Winter School course in Nijmegen are the following:

Lecture 1: Grimshaw, Jane. 2005: Extended Projection, chapter 1 of Words and Structure by Jane Grimshaw, pp. 1-64. CSLI, Stanford, Ca. (with appendix and references)

Lecture 2: Cinque, Guglielmo, and Luigi Rizzi. 2010. The Cartography of syntactic structures. In The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis, ed. by Bernd Heine & Heiko Narrog, pp. 51-65. OUP.

Lecture 3: Chomsky, Noam. 2005. Three factors in language designLinguistic Inquiry 36:1-22.

Lecture 4: Ramchand, Gillian and Peter Svenonius. 2014. Deriving the functional hierarchyLanguage Sciences 46.B: 152-174.

Lecture 5: Svenonius, Peter. 2016. Emergent extended projections. Ms. CASTL, University of Tromsø, the Arctic University of Norway. (This is a handout; watch this space for a paper.)

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