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  • 2010. Exponence, phonology, and non-concatenative morphology (with Patrik Bye). Ms. University of Tromsø.
  • 2009 (edited), Nordlyd: Tromsø University Working Papers on Language and Linguistics, 36.2 NORMS Papers on Faroese (edited together with Kristine Bentzen, Caroline Heycock, Jógvan í Lon Jacobsen, Janne Bondi Johannessen, Jeffrey K. Parrott, Tania E. Strahan, and Øystein Alexander Vangsnes).
  • 2009 (edited), Nordlyd: Tromsø University Working Papers on Language and Linguistics, 36.1 Special issue on Nanosyntax (edited together with Gillian Ramchand, Michal Starke, and Knut Tarald Taraldsen).
  • 2009, Complex prepositions (with Isabelle Roy) in Autour de la Préposition, edited by J. François, É. Gilbert, C. Guimier, and M. Krause, pp. 105–116. Presses universitaires de Caen.
  • 2008, Projections of P, in Syntax and Semantics of Spatial P, ed by Anna Asbury, Jakub Dotlacil, Berit Gehrke, and Rick Nouwen, pp. 63-84. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.
  • 2008, Microparameters of Cross-linguistic variation: Directed motion and Resultatives (with Minjeong Son), in the Proceedings of the 27th West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics, ed. by Natasha Abner and Jason Bishop, pp. 388-396. Cascadilla Press,
    Somerville, Ma.
  • 2008, ‘Review of Toivonen’s (2003, Kluwer) Non-Projecting Words’ Language 84.3: 666-670.
  • 2008, ‘Mapping a parochial lexicon onto a Universal Semantics‘ (with Gillian Ramchand), in The Limits of Syntactic Variation, edited by M.T. Biberauer, pp. 219-245. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.
  • 2008, The position of adjectives and other phrasal modifiers in the decomposition of DP, in Adjectives and Adverbs: Syntax, Semantics, and Discourse, ed. by Louise McNally and Chris Kennedy, 16-42, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • 2008 ‘Russian Prefixes are Phrasal‘ in Formal Description of Slavic Languages, edited by Gerhild Zybatow, Luka Szucsich, Uwe Junghanns, and Roland Meyer, pp. 526-537. Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main.
  • 2008. ‘Paradigm Generation and Northern Sámi Stems,’ in The Bases of Inflectional Identity, 73-100, edited by Asaf Bachrach and Andrew Nevins. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • 2007. ‘Interpreting Uninterpretable Features‘ in Linguistic Analysis 3-4: 375-413.
  • 2007.’1…3-2Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Interfaces, edited by Gillian Ramchand and Charles Reiss, pp. 239-288. Oxford University Press.
  • 2006 ‘Case Alternations in the Icelandic Passive and Middle‘ in Passives and
    Impersonals in European Languages
    , edited by Satu Manninen, Diane Nelson, Katrin Hiietam, Elsi Kaiser, and Virve Vihman.
  • 2006, ‘Northern Norwegian Degree Questions and the Syntax of Measurement‘ with Chris Kennedy, in Phases of Interpretation,
    edited by Mara Frascarelli, pp. 129-157. Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin.
  • 2005 ‘Extending the Extension Condition to Discontinuous Idioms‘ Linguistic Variation Yearbook 5: 227-263.
  • 2005 ‘How Phonological is Object Shift?’ Theoretical Linguistics 31.1/2: 215-227
  • 2005 Review of Dehé (2001, Benjamins) Particle Verbs in English: Syntax, Information Structure, and Intonation Linguistische Berichte 202: 261-265.
  • 2004 ‘Slavic Prefixes and MorphologyNordlyd 32.2: 177-204
  • 2004 ‘Prepositions and External Argument Demotion’ with Gillian Ramchand, in Demoting
    the Agent: Passive and other Voice-related Phenomena
    , ed. by Torgrim Solstad, Benjamin
    Lyngfelt, and Maria Filiouchkina Krave, University of Oslo, pp. 93-99.
  • 2003 ‘Swedish Particles and Directional Prepositions’ in Grammar in Focus:
    Festschrift for Christer Platzack 
    ed. by Lars-Olof Delsing, Cecilia Falk, Gunlög Josefsson, and Halldór Ármann Sigurdsson, Dept. of Scandinavian, Lund University, pp. 343-351.
  • 2002 ‘Strains of Negation in Norwegian,’ Working Papers in Scandinavian Syntax 69:121-146.
  • 2002 ‘Review of Zeller (2001, Benjamins) Particle Verbs and Local Domains’ Linguist
  • 2002 Subjects, Expletives, and the EPP (ed.), Oxford University Press. (250 pp.)
  • 2002 ‘Introduction’ in Subjects, Expletives, and the EPP (Oxford), 1-25.
  • 2002, ‘Case is uninterpretable aspect,’ in Proceedings of Perspectives on Aspect Conference at Utrecht.
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