Arctic seasonal timekeeping initiative awarded 23 million

Skrevet av Shona Wood, Forsker ved Institutt for arktisk og marin biologi.

Members of the Arctic chronobiology and physiology research group (ACP) received a huge boost to their research with 23 million kroner being awarded by UiT.  This  award is from the UiT Aurora centre fund which aims to support research groups who have demonstrated excellence in their research and have the potential to build capacity to sucessfully bid for a national centre of excellence. ACP’s work in the field of chronobiology and the unique selling point of the UiT’s arctic position have been recongnised to have this potential.

ACP PhD student Daniel Appenroth has designed a logo for ASTI which will be used on the ASTI website and twitter account (@ArcticSeasonal).

The Arctic Seasonal Timekeeping Initiative (ASTI) aims to establish UiT as a centre of excellence for research into seasonal timekeeping mechanisms. ASTI will cover three overlapping themes spanning both basic and applied / societally important aspects: ‘Core seasonal timer mechanisms’, ‘Comparative seasonal chronobiology’ and ‘One seasonal health’.

The centre project period is 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2025. The centre director is Professor David Hazlerigg and deputy director is Dr. Shona Wood. Two new tenure track positions, two post doctoral positions and one PhD position will all be available under the banner of ASTI. We will be recruiting over the next few months via jobbnorge for more information contact David Hazlerigg.

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