Big Easy, Part IV (travelog entry 18)

I am greatly relieved when we finally hook up with Chris and Tansy, who I know from my years in California, and their friend Loren. Chris is what you could call a straight shooter, and even when he’s dressed up as a vampire he is himself, just with more leather. He and Egon are both the sort who know how to handle themselves in wilderness as well as urban situations, and they hit it off easily.

Tansy is the sort of person you can instantly relax around, with an easy dry wit. Loren is like the beautiful heroine from a Russ Meyers film, who would kill the antagonist with a black-gloved karate-chop to the throat. She and I share an interest in motorized vehicles and I am thrilled to learn that she has raced antique sportscars at the famous raceway of Laguna Seca.

So we have a good laugh over some drinks and everything is good.

Eventually Egon and I leave them at the Vampire Ball and spend the rest of the evening bar-hopping on Frenchman street, along with thousands of good-natured revelers in all kinds of costumes, a more discerning set than those drawn to the decadent overamped chaos of Bourbon Street.

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