First article accepted for publication!

The first article for my PhD has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Information Literacy! 🙂 I wrote the article, called “Knowing and doing: The development of information literacy measures to assess knowledge and practice,” together with Torstein and Tove.  It’ll be published in the June, 2021 issue.

You may remember my blog post from August 21 called “Peer review of my first (attempted) article,” in which I expressed how discouraging it was to receive a review that was several pages long, and required major revisions in this article. I’d thought at the time that it was quite alright as it was. However, the article is much better now, after the revision. So although it was a lengthy  process, it was well worth it.

The reviewers did a thorough job, and asked really good questions. We went through every comment, and either revised the article accordingly or argued for why we didn’t agree that the change was necessary. As we worked we wrote a detailed reply to the reviewers, so they could easily find the right spot, and see our reasoning.

The reviewers wrote that the framing of the article is now much clearer, and that the paper as a whole is “more consistent and focused, resulting in a much stronger article overall.” They believe that with this article, we’ve made a significant contribution to the conversation about how we think of the information-literacy-construct .