Preparing for doing research

I had a meeting with my 3 supervisors today to discuss how to proceed with my research while waiting for my protocol to be approved.

One of the first steps is to notify NSD, the Norwegian Centre for Research Data. Anyone who collects personal data (information about individuals) has to fill out an electronic form and send it to NSD for approval. It sounds easy, right? Well…

It actually takes longer than you’d think, so be sure to set aside several hours to this task when you start your research. NSD asks difficult questions, like how your respondents will be able to remove their data if they suddenly decide to no longer take part in the study. I’ll also have to upload the survey I’ll be using (which I haven’t made yet!), as well as the letter I’ll be sending to my respondents informing them about how their personal data will be stored (safely) and deleted (when the data is analyzed).

It’s a great system and a necessary part of any research project involving personal data, assuring participants that there’s no risk for them in being part of the study.

The next steps will be:

  • to create a Data Management Plan
  • to develop (and validate) a survey to measure the students’ abilities to critically evaluate and properly document information sources. (This is the fun part!)

To be continued…

(BTW – today is “sun day” in Tromsø, the day the sun reappears after being below the horizon for two months – a day that makes me feel like anything is possible. 🙂 )

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