My proposal was accepted!

I started this blog the day I sent my research proposal, and today I found out that my proposal was accepted! Yay! The proposal was a 10-page, detailed description of the research that I plan to do for the next four years here in Tromsø, which I prepared together with my supervisors. Now I can (safely) continue with my research and sign up for PhD courses. Although it won’t exactly be smooth sailing from here, I’m quite relieved and happy about this progress.

So this is a day to celebrate! It feels totally the opposite of yesterday, when I was in doubt of everything I’ve done up to this point. (See my previous post.) I knew when I started that doing a PhD would be a roller-coaster, but that it could change from down to up so quickly,  is truly amazing.

I had a short meeting with two of my (wonderful) supervisors today, Tove and Torstein. After “celebrating” the accepted proposal we discussed our progress with pilot surveys (Tove’s interest questions and my IL questions), and the next steps I have to take:

  • notifying NSD about my research (which has to be done because it will contain personal data)
  • recruiting students for the pilot survey and for a think-aloud protocol
  • informing the vice deans of education about my research
  • finding IL experts to evaluate my survey in terms of content validity
  • preregistering my research
  • signing up for courses, etc.

No twiddling thumbs around here! But at least I feel today like I’m moving forwards, and not backwards. 🙂

Otherwise – last night was the kick-off meeting of the committee organizing the next Creating Knowledge Conference, of which I’m a member. It looks like the conference, which will be in Tromsø, will take place on June 4-5, 2020, which is like having a huge party (+ a ton of responsibility) for my 60th (on the 4th)!

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