Statistics (or is it “Sadistics”?) class

Argh! I thought I liked numbers, but I’m totally baffled by the statistics class I’m taking. The teachers are wonderful and the textbook is great, but I just can’t get my head around the null hypothesis that’s used to calculate statistical significance. It’s like my brain is willing to go just so far, and no further.

Our teachers ask often if there are any questions, and no one asks. It’s either because everyone else understands it, or perhaps, like me, they don’t understand enough to even formulate a question. This is incredibly frustrating, as my research is quantitative, and I totally need statistics!

The only thing I understood today was when the teacher asked  “Do we have enough evidence to recommend that our patients switch to another brand of cigarettes?” And the answer was no – we should recommend that they quit smoking instead. But that’s not exactly statistics…

Hopefully, before the exam on April 11th, I’ll somehow understand more – otherwise I’m in trouble.

Thanks, Matthias, for trying to make statistics fun:

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