Flipped students

I have mandatory work as a part of my position as a PhD-student here at UiT. Instead of doing a full-time PhD in three years (the norm in Norway), my PhD-stipend is for four years. This is because 25% of my time goes to duty work. So today I had my first students in the classroom! It felt great to be with students again – I’ve missed teaching!

They were first year psychology students, with a “flipped classroom” course on academic skills (learning, thinking and writing). Instead of having a lecture with a teacher in the classroom, they watch pre-recorded lectures, take a quiz, and do some exercises in order to prepare for a seminar in the classroom.

The 220 students are divided into 8 groups, and I guide one the groups through some exercises/groupwork based on the material they’ve learned. It went well, and the students participated eagerly in the active learning process.

So after 10 months doing research in my office, wondering why I’m getting paid, I finally feel like I’m doing something that’s useful to others!

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