Scary e-mail from journal

After our article about measuring interest in Frontiers in Education was published last month, Tove and I noticed that the title was wrong. The world Development in the middle of the title shouldn’t have been there! Our clever acronym TRIQ would have become TRIDQ!

We thought that it would be simple to get the journal (which is electronic, not printed) to delete that one word, but the process was actually complicated, and quite frankly, a little scary!

They wanted us to submit a formal “corrigendum” to correct the error, but then it would have included a statement saying that the authors apologize for their error. However, since the error was actually the fault of the journal, we didn’t think that was accurate.

After some frustration with the corrigendum procedure, Tove finally got in touch directly with the editor, who helped us. Despite the editor’s assurance that the title would be corrected, we still got this automatically-formulated e-mail response, which we found disturbing and scary:

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that your manuscript "Corrigendum: "Here’s the TRIQ: The Tromsø Interest Development Questionnaire based on the Four-Phase Model of Interest Development"" cannot be accepted for publication in Frontiers in Education, section Educational Psychology. The reason for this decision is: This manuscript has been withdrawn on behalf of the authors and is no longer under consideration for publication in this journal. This corrigendum is no longer necessary. Our production office will update the article to ensure the correct title is included.”

Before I got to the last sentence my heart was racing. Were they going to retract our article because of this tiny error?! Luckily this wasn’t the case, of course, but what a scare!

Tove let the editor know that the automatic response was a bit disconcerting, so future authors don’t have the same unpleasant experience.

By the way, the title is now corrected and the article has had nearly 2000 views . 🙂

Ah, the joys of doing research…

On that note, I wish my loyal readers a wonderful holiday, free from COVID and corrigendums!

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