Submitted my research protocol today!

I finally sent my formal application to the PhD Program at the Faculty of Health Sciences at UiT today! Yay!! I began as a research fellow in October 2018, and have used my first three months here in Tromsø, in close collaboration with my supervisors, to plan the PhD research that I (we) will be doing for the next four years.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be the first in Norway with a PhD in information literacy. 🙂

I have the best supervisors imaginable:

  • Tove I. Dahl is my main supervisor, and is a professor of educational psychology. Tove grew up in the US! Here’s a post from her blog today.
  • Torstein Låg is a co-supervisor, and is a senior academic librarian at the University Library, with psychology as his discipline. We’d met several times in past years at library conferences in Europe, where we often presented research on similar topics. And now we’re finally working together!
  • Mariann Solberg is my other co-supervisor, and is a professor of educational philosophy. We’re also neighbors.


I’ll be describing my research, as well as the ups and downs of being a research fellow, in this blog.

But right now it’s TIFF-time here (Tromsø International Film Festival), so I’m on my way to a movie! More to come tomorrow…

One thought on “Submitted my research protocol today!”

  1. And she’s off! Congratulations with getting this blog up and running, Ellen. I will definitely stay tuned.

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