Why did I have to apply now?

Many have asked me why I had to apply for admission to a faculty when I’d already been hired as a research fellow. Why couldn’t I just start my research when I began here in October?

UiT has realized that the former 10-page project descriptions, which previously were the formal application to PhD programs, often had to be significantly changed after the research fellow began. One reason for this is because the project also has to be something that the supervisors are interested in. They’ve now changed the system so that they accept the most qualified candidate, and then the research project is planned together with supervisors, as a team.

This planning has been quite a process, and the past three months have been challenging. Trying to create a feasible research project, based on the description in the job announcement, was hard! I felt like I didn’t know enough about the research process, and all the tests that need to be done in order to just make and conduct a survey, e.g.

Luckily I got great help from my supervisors, and together we worked out a plan that everyone is satisfied with. 🙂 It’s going to be a lot of hard work the next four years, so wish me luck!

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