Double Edged Angel

From Tveegget engel (Doubl Edged Angel)1988

translated by Susan Schwartz Senstad and the writer





I drive, Queen of Ice, through winter’s ocean

behind borrowed reindeer across frozen waves

heaven’s darkness streaming like a starry mane.


Swords of northern lights are drawn before light’s

battle for the love of darkness.  The sleigh

flees from winter’s heart, cold and paralyzing.


I hear the King of Winter is enraged:

He’s gnawing the icicles off stars and houses

gashing heaven’s frost with mountain peaks


he’s grinding snow breasts between icy teeth

hounding the lust of darkness with a biting whip,

and I am drunk with ice, my cheeks aflame


with fierce winter fever as spiky stars stab out

through my flesh and crystalline minerals sweat

from the depths beneath my body’s skin and hair


where light awaits naked as a bridegroom,

until darkness surrenders altogether, and

day arises with its beaming lucid mind.







She made a garland of her hair for the feast

and threw her tears to the wolves

She forged her sword-soul boyish

and traded feathers with time’s leaping heaven


She raced ahead to hunt the storms

and passionately kissed the skin of snow

She would fly with all the wild birds

animals and shadows, freely


to the light of wolves’ jaws, with polar bears’ pawprints

stamped into her memory

She wanted to win, as if her life were youthful

and blond and fresh and soft as stone


She stepped androgynously across the borders

toward the distinctly open inner land of ice

She would be among those who dive

she would carry death like a precious stone


She would live spreadeagled across life

be a fine-tuned instrument

against the world’s tortured, aging reason

She wished to torment cruelty


with her strong and mercy-glowing laughter

She would salvage joy

from that powerful despair





The light surfs breakers of time

the haze of heat hangs blue clouds

in blue, let the years like a riddle


riddle themselves, I’ve forgotten

and remembered enough, now I will

be here in this where I am


Each morning awakens

new vivid days – fine!


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